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Every day, humanity produces nearly 2.5 trillion bytes of data. So much so that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years alone. You can take data scientist course in hyberadad to understand more.

These data reach us in their diversity via various channels such as climate sensors, messages sent on social media, digital images, videos published online, and transactional records of online purchases or even GPS signals from mobile phones.

An Ocean Of Raw Data

B to C or B to B companies, startups, e-merchants, mass distribution, catering, municipalities, and metropolises not a single sector escapes big data. Each entity, company, municipality Produces or retrieves millions, even billions, of data per year, often raw and little exploited.

These data are at the heart of everyone’s activity or uses and should help us make decisions, design, and provide the right services to consumers or users.

At Reputation Squad, we see data as management and decision-making tools for our clients’ activity and as influencing tools allowing their stakeholders to see more clearly in an ocean of raw data.

Data On The Society

While Facebook passed the 33 million French active user mark in 2017, the amount of data available has never stopped growing. A vibrant database, which reflects the complexity of our society.

What Does Social Data Represent? How Is This Data Generated?

Large-scale social networks, media, and web knowledge bases have become an integral part of our society. Our daily lives generate unprecedented amounts of digital data. On average, a French person spends 1h16 a day on social networks. This represents 1h16 of clicks, views, actions, shares, and comments often accessible to everyone.

These digital channels have become the primary means of communication and content production for brands. While such a trend is not about to disappear, processing data from social media already provides a lot of information on real-world uses.

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